ShareBuilder┬árecently announced a new program where the online brokerage will offer discounted trades for Costco members. With ShareBuilder, clients normally pay $6.95 per trade on the company’s basic program, but Costco members will now be eligible to receive trades for just $5.95. The discounted rates apply not only to trades made from the computer, but also from a mobile phone or tablet. Costco members will also get discounted rates for other transactions with ShareBuilder. With the new ShareBuilder Advantage Program Costco members will pay $4.95 per trade. The ShareBuilder rate is generally $4 for the broker’s automatic investing program, but Costco members will now only pay $2 for automatic investments in this program.

This discount program is available to Costco members exclusively. All stock, mutual fund, and ETF orders are eligible for the Costco discounted rates program. The new lower priced trades for Costco members is not a limited time offer, and ShareBuilder says there is no catch to this offer. In a separate previously announced deal, ShareBuilder clients who are also Costco Executive members to get a $50 account bonus if they open a new ShareBuilder account by December 31, 2013.

How do you take advantage of this new discount program if you a ShareBuilder client and Costco member? Simply go to the page below and click the start now button and select either Executive Member or Gold Star/Business Member to get started.


For more information on the Costco savings program through ShareBuilder click here.