Capital One ShareBuilder will be changing its name to Capital One Investing, LLC as of January 1, 2015. Capital One Investment Services, LLC will also become part of the new Capital One Investing, LLC. ShareBuilder has been the online brokerage for self-directed users while Capital One Investment Services has been the full-service broker with registered advisors. These two companies are going to become one legal entity in January.

What does it mean for ShareBuilder users right away? There really won’t be any significant changes. Capital One says while the new company name will be on all communications and legal forms, they will still be referring to their online brokerage as ShareBuilder. Products and features currently offered through the ShareBuilder platform will stay the same.

In the future, ShareBuilder users can look forward to being able to access to advice from advisors if they want it, but that is something the company will be updating at a later date. For now, it’s business as usual with only a different name. will keep you updated as to any changes that may occur in the future with the ShareBuilder platform.


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