TD Ameritrade thinkorswim’s July 9th release notes announced Social Sentiment for stock charts has gone live.

Social sentiment thinkorswim

The number of securities that have social sentiment available is limited as of the launch. We know for certain that Apple (AAPL) as well as Disney (DIS) works and we’ve reached out to TD Ameritrade for a formal list. (UPDATE 10:17 AM – a preset watchlist has been setup with all the stocks that are enabled for Social Sentiment: 24 in total).

social sentiment watchlist

Social Sentiment was first launched in 2015 within the TD Ameritrade website research area. From our TD Ameritrade Review,

In 2015 TD Ameritrade launched a new Social Signals tab within the equity research results. While social analysis for most brokers means including a feed of Twitter or StockTwits tweets, TD Ameritrade’s new Social Signals uses proprietary algorithms from LikeFolio to display brand relevant tweets. Customers can also view a handful of social indicator metrics including: 7-day volume, sentiment score, and trending brand mentions. Social sentiment, a new variable in our 2016 Review, is brand new to the industry landscape and as of the end of 2015, TD Ameritrade’s Social Signals product impressed us the most.

social signals

For a deeper breakdown of Social Sentiment on charts, here’s a good summary from the thinkorswim release notes,

Anyone can look at price data, volume, and forward implied moves based on derivative data but when trying to determine what moves a stock it can come down to what John Q. Public esq. (he just passed his boards after an online degree) thinks about your product or offering. Luckily Mr. Public loves to tell us how he feels, it is just a matter of gathering those voiced feelings. Now you can chart how many mentions of a product or service happen over social media. This is not just Johnny P. saying something specific about a publicly traded company, we are tracking any and all mentions of everything that the company offers. To make this data even more relevant, all of the mentions are analyzed and tagged for sentiment. So you can see if the mentions about any given company are trending more negatively or more positively. Even more granularly you can filter mentions that are related to any given division of the company. For example, if a Park & Resort company also makes movies, you can see all of the mentions that are related to just the movies.

And here’s two more screenshots alongside a walk through video.

social sentiment thinkorswim chart aapl