TD Ameritrade (AMTD) has announced a new design and multiple enhancements for the popular thinkorswim platform.  These changes are now live. This is thinkorswim version 1878. Let’s take a look at some of the changes that you’ll want to know about:

1. Beautification (Look of the platform)

-The existing black, white, and metal color schemes have been changed to a new trio of choices: dark, bright, and old school.

-The old school theme is the original look of the platform with some small changes so that customers who are feeling nostalgic can get the look they desire.

-The dark and bright themes are designed in a high contrast mode for maximized readability.

Note that all of these themes are still customizable. Muted items can be edited via the drop-down menu.


2. Usability

-The biggest change here is the left hand sidebar being resized to any width of your choosing. Just click and drag the inside edge of the sidebar to drag it to your preferred width.

-It is now possible to change between color schemes, contrast modes, and change the size of the font within the platform without restarting or logging out.

-Change the spacing given to all portions of the platform to make the data you want to see more easily readable.

These controls are all available within a single unified menu called “Look and feel” for easy editing. This is accessed from the setup button at the top-right of the platform.


3. Modernization

The entire codebase of the UI was rewritten from scratch to allow for more consistent performance and easier development and testing of features. The blue dot has been phased out. All of its functions are available either in the actions menu or via the right click menu. Additionally, large font sizes no longer cut off elements on the right side of the screen.

Below is a video that explains the new features of thinkorswim nicely.

Full release notes are here.