TradeKing is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The online broker released a press release regarding the last ten years and everything that has changed in the industry. found this list helpful in seeing the drastic innovation in the industry.

What were some of the key shifts in the industry since 2005?

*Complicated pricing is set aside- Most brokers have now gone with low flat “Plain English” fees, which is certainly a positive for clients

*Mobile Trading means that traders can check their portfolio and execute trades from anywhere

*Advent of Programmed Trading- Retail investors gain access to algorithm’s once only available to institutional investors.

*Social Media- The rise of social media has allowed investors to share knowledge and insights far easier than ever before. In 2005, Facebook was only available to a few select college students and myspace was the dominant player in the industry.

*Rise of the Robos- Robo investors have swept into the industry with a lot of success and have allowed investors to benefit from more convenience in investing and lower fees.

Donato Montanaro, CEO of TradeKing, said, “I’m incredibly proud of the progress TradeKing and others in our industry have achieved in making investing affordable, understandable and easily accessible for the independent investor.”

TradeKing also put together a page highlighting their successes over the years showing how they have reached this post. To view this page click here. A screenshot of their 2015 accomplishments is below as well.

The full press release is here.