UPDATE 05/12/17 – Ally has published a press release announcing the official brand name update from TradeKing to Ally Invest.

Over the weekend, TradeKing completed its move to Ally.com. I received the official client email on Saturday at 1:57 PM EST, “It’s time to move your TradeKing account to ally.com”.

Making the switch to Ally.com was painless. You follow the steps and login to Ally.com. For those who are already clients of Ally Bank, your accounts are automatically merged under your Ally.com username and password. This was very helpful for me as I’ve been a Ally Bank high yield savings account customer for several years now.

Once logged into Ally.com, you first fill out the market exchange user agreements so your account can receive market data. Thereafter, you are directed into your new Ally.com account dashboard.

With the move complete, you can no longer log in to TradeKing.com. Fans of TradeKing’s website do not need to worry though as the web experience at Ally Invest is exactly the same. The only difference is a fresh coat of paint.

You will know the account move to Ally Invest was successful when you receive the confirmation email shortly after, “You’ve successfully moved your TradeKing accounts to Ally.”

One final note is that the TradeKing mobile app will now no longer work. To access your TradeKing accounts via mobile, download the Ally mobile app via Apple iTunes or Android Mobile.