TradeStation recently announced they have launched mobile options spreads. This is the latest update (Version 3.0.1) to the TradeStation mobile app available in the app store. This allows users to analyze and trade mobile options spreads on their iPad or iPhone.

What’s new with the mobile updates from TradeStation? Let’s take a look at some of the new capabilities.

-View the entire spread on the Orders page with a quick glance

-Select your favorite spread type or even create a custom options spread

-Use robust cancel/replace functionality for multi-leg options.

-View up to the second price and volume information across all strikes and expirations.

The image below shows the options spread selection with strike and expiration intervals behind.


In the 2015 review for TradeStation, Blain from said he’d like to see deeper options functionality including the ability to trade complex spreads. TradeStation has taken a clear step in that direction with this update, and the broker is planning further updates in the future. will keep you up to date on those as we become aware of them.