Blain comments: Wealthfront realized last year it needs to innovate beyond low cost indexing and compete better with Betterment which is known for its terrific complete retirement view. More specifically, Betterment has had the same functionality Wealthfront is launching here, and then some. That said, Wealthfront is throwing in some cute twists with its Venmo partnership, Coinbase, and the like. Whether these new seed partnerships, alongside a flexible API, increases customer retention and opens new doors for potential business is to be seen. For now, hopefully Wealthfront doesn’t forget that it’s a low cost automated retirement provider first, holistic accounts aggregator / analyzer second.

Wealthfront has a new look. Wealthfront 3.0 has been announced, and the rollout of the features will occur over the next few weeks. This is an advice engine rooted in artificial intelligence and modern APIs. What’s new in Wealthfront 3.0? Let’s take a closer look.

Wealthfront 3.0 Features

*Projection of net worth for client displayed. Find out about your financial future. For an example look at the image below.

wealthfront 0404

*Wealthfront will feature direct integrations with platforms like Venmo, Redfin, Lending Club, Coinbase, and bank accounts as well as external brokerage accounts. Example below.

wealthfront 0404 2


*Wealthfront 3.0 is designed to automatically integrate with many modern services to give you financial advice on your home. The image below is an example of this feature.

wealthfront 0404 3


*Wealthfront 3.0 is designed to give users personalized advice on how to improve portfolio performance.

Wealthfront is investing heavily in artificial intelligence with this new Dashboard. Wealthfront believes that this is the future of investing, especially when it comes to younger clients, and over 60% of Wealthfront clients are under the age of 35. The goal of version 3.0 is to meet the needs of younger investors with the help of intelligent services.

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