Since 2011, the research team at has conducted thorough annual broker reviews. Each year the data points assessed increases and the broker roster changes. New awards recipients, new best in class winners, and new star ratings are assessed to the firms included.

You can read more about How We Test for these reviews. In addition, you can see each individual annual review by clicking on the associated link provided.

2017 Rankings

Read the 2017 Annual Review.

2017 Rankings Table

2017 Robo Rankings

Read the 2017 Annual Robo Review.

2017 Robo Rankings Table

2016 Rankings

Read the 2016 Annual Review.

2016 Rankings Table

2015 Rankings

Read the 2015 Annual Review.

2015 Rankings Table

2014 Rankings

Read the 2014 Annual Review.

2014 Rankings Table

2013 Rankings

Read the 2013 Annual Review.

2013 Rankings Table

2012 Rankings

Read the 2012 Annual Review.

2012 Rankings Table

2011 Rankings

Read the 2011 Annual Review.

2011 Rankings Table

2011 Forex Rankings

See our new FX broker rankings and reviews at our sister site, Read the 2011 Annual Forex Review.

2011 Forex Rankings Table