Researching Online Broker Features and Fees

The team at is extremely passionate about broker data. Each year we strive to push our annual review boundaries further by adding more pertinent variables we track and score. For the 2014 Review, we assessed each online broker on 266 unique data points. Many of these variables fall under broker features and fees, some of which can be found in more detail in the left menu. As time goes on and we continue to refine our data mining, more of these variables will become publicly available.

It's important for self-directed investors to know what sort of brokerage fees they should expect with their firm as they can have a direct impact on long-term ROI. This applies to those managing their retirement accounts with fees like the IRA Annual Fee just as much as active traders who should potentially be looking at Per Share Stock Trading Commissions. Features and their importance vary from client to client. For some, having access to hundreds of Commission Free ETFs may outweigh Mobile Trading Apps for their iPhone. Serious day traders will be assessing Payment for Order Flow and which Clearing Firm their brokerage is using.

We cover all of the listed features and fees, along with many more, in our individual online broker reviews. In addition, you can use our broker compare tool to assess several brokers at once. Lastly, you can refine your broker search by using our screener tool, which allows in-depth filtering based on various ratings/fees/features.

Our editorial team tracks major feature and fee updates by the brokers throughout the year. We typically highlight those announcements in our broker news area. Recent industry and broker related new articles can be seen below or you can view our archives.


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